For Businesses

By booking Talk About, our business partners help us to create spaces for quality conversations while fulfilling their CSR through supporting our youth community.

We believe that a lot of magic happens when you put inquisitive young people and professionals together and provide a space for them to talk about things. These things can range from global issues, new workplace initiatives or even wellbeing and how to take a more relaxed and productive approach to work. This is because a lot of brilliant ideas and strategic concepts can be found when you mix innovation and experience together.

We work with corporate organisations by creating and facilitating bespoke workshops and debates for their employees, prospective applicants, executive teams and more. Workshops are tailored towards the organisation’s needs and can involve Talk About Live Debates, breakout sessions and Q&A sessions with industry specialists. These corporate organisations are able to demonstrate a commitment to supporting young people from across the region through working with Talk About as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility. The funds raised from designing and delivering bespoke workshops and events for businesses go towards subsidising Talk About skills and current affairs workshops held in local communities, universities and schools. Support from our business partners enables us to be able to make sure that each young person is able to feel more confident when conversing with industry leaders, making applications, discussing the news in interviews and even developing their own solutions for a better world.

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